Learn how to assign activities to your students in Google Classroom as well as easily differentiate which students complete an activity. In this video, you'll learn about each of the options you have when assigning an activity including adding a point value, due date, and deciding if students collaborate or get their own copy of an activity.

I’ll walk you step-by-step through: 
  • Setting up a student assignment
  • Differentiating your assignments by choosing which students you want to receive an assignment
  • Ideas for assignments that you can differentiate
  • Assigning a point value to an assignment
  • Scheduling an assignment due date
  • Adding files, links, and videos to an assignment
  • Deciding if you want your students to view an assignment, get their own copy to edit, or if you want your whole class to edit the same assignment 
  • Editing the assignment after you’ve created it

Why you'll love this:
  • Assigning your activities in Google Classroom is the best and easiest way to give your students access to your activities
  • You can easily differentiate to give each student the assignment they need
  • Adding a point value allows you to easily assign a grade to them later
  • When due dates are assigned, they automatically show up in the teacher's and students’ calendar as well as in the“upcoming” section of the Stream
  • You'll be able to assign an activity for students to work on collaboratively or individually

The Ultimate Video Course For Using Google In Your Classroom

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