01: Google Classroom Tour: The Best Way To Share And Turn In Student Assignments

Do your students have Google accounts? Have you heard about Google Classroom, but haven't created one yet for your class? This video will take you on a tour of a Google Classroom so you can see why you should set one up right now.

I’ll walk you step-by-step through: 
  • Google Classroom and its most important features
  • Understanding the benefits of Google Classroom

Why you'll love Google Classroom:
  • Google Classroom is an organizational tool for students and teachers
  • It's the easiest and best way to get your activities into the hands of your students
  • You’re able to differentiate student activities easily
  • Viewing, grading, and giving feedback to students is all in one place
  • Google Classroom is a place to compile links for websites, reference materials, extension activities, early finisher activities, and more
  • Students can keep track of which assignments they’ve completed and be reminded of due dates
  • Parents can receive automated emails about their child’s missing or upcoming work.

The Ultimate Video Course For Using Google In Your Classroom

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